Welcome to the brand new website for the Irish Flying Disc Association!

The Irish Flying Disc Association (IFDA) is the national governing body for Disc Sports in Ireland and is affiliated with The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and European Ultimate Federation (EUF).

As national governing body, the IFDA organises All-Ireland competitions at school, college, and club level, as well as organising representaitve national teams to compete at European and World Championship level in the Under-17, Junior, Under-23 and Senior divisions. (See Ultimate in Ireland for more details on competitions.)

The IFDA is a volunteer organisation, funded through member subscriptions and governed by an executive Committee elected from within its membership. More information on the IFDA’s governance structure, goals, and policies can be found on here.

As well as organising competitions and national teams, we strive to promote the growth of the sport of Ultimate in Ireland. We organise regular coaching courses for teachers, youth leaders, and player-coaches at a number of levels, and provide starter packs of equipment to new teams.

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More on the IFDA and its role here. The governance structure of the organisation is outlined here, along with documents covering policies and regulations.

* Currently interest in other disc sports is comparatively low; this is reflected both in the content of this site and in the activities of the IFDA.

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